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Companions, Telepaths and Other Doubles
Samizdat, 2015
Portfolio Jennifer Lacey
Movement Research Performance Journal, 2015
Let's poem back
GHOST Editions, 2013
Collective Sensations (practice)
Samizdat, 2009


Not-knowing: mobility as a state of unrest
published in Movement Research Performance Journal, eds., Spångberg, Evans 2018
Generative Fictions, or How Dance May Teach Us Ethics
published in Postdance, eds. Edvardsen, Spångberg, Andersson 2017
Exquisite Corpse – On, Through, As Collaboration - with Siegmar Zacharias
published in How to collaborate? Questioning Togetherness in the Performing Arts, Passagen Kunst, eds. Bake, Stamer, Weiler 2016
The Beauty of Paradox - about Alix Eynaudi's work
Une forme de délicatesse - about Barbara Manzetti's work (in French)
published in Journal des Laboratoires jan-april 2012
The Love Piece
published in Cuaderno #1, Mugatxoan, San Sebastian 2012
I want to become a local artist
published in The Swedish Dance History, 2011
About the Breast Piece
with Frédéric Gies, published in Zehar magazine (Arteleku, San Sebastian) 2009
Watching, one learns how to watch
published in Reverse engineering education, ed. Melzwig, Spangberg, Thielicke, 2007