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June 11th, 18th, 25th Dance Gathering Schöneberg, Berlin
April 17th – May 2nd a Stroll, a Song, a Doubt, an Echo Schöneberg, Berlin
March 18th Dance Gathering Hangar, Barcelona
March 10-14th Dance of Companionship workshop Hangar, Barcelona
March 1st Knowledge & Understanding, lecture-perforamnce together with Jennifer Lacey Research Centre, Uniarts Stockholm
February 13-15th visiting MA Choreography, DOCH Stockholm
February 6-10th Dance of Companionship workshop DDSKS Copenhagen


November 14-18th Dance of Companionship workshop Atelier de Paris
November 7-13th workshop with the Making Futures project UdK Architecture dpt @ PAF, Saint-Erme
October 12-15th Imagining (the imagination of) the Other, symposium DDSKS, Copenhagen
August 24th to October 12th Space for practice, (Sabine Zahn) Floating University
September 25th Dance of Companionship, radiophonic version Radio(non)Konferenz, and AdK Berlin
September 24th Dance Gathering yard of the Uferstudios Berlin (Ausufern)
September 15-17th, 22-24th Into Dwelling #2 (Sabine Zahn) Berlin, Alexanderplatz (Tanzfabrik)
August 12th Lotto Royale, Club for Performance Art Gallery and T.E.N.T. Fortuna, Berlin
July 25-29th Togethering, a social dance ImPulsTanz Vienna
July 25-29th Dance of Companionship, radiophonic version ImPulsTanz Vienna
June 1st talk about the Mietshäuser Syndikat and Kumi*13 Urban talks, Habitat Unit, TU Berlin @ Floating University
April-June Togethering (transmission and appropriation) FU Berlin
April 28-30th Heavy Weight Holding Body (Karol Tyminski) Berlin public space (U-Bahn Schönhauser Allee)
April 9-10th workshop on Jennifer Lacey's work ABOUT DANCE forming futures, Lake Studios Berlin
March 26th Alles muss raus (Mobile Academy Berlin) HKW Berlin
February 5-6th Done and Dusted (Joshua Rutters) Fabrik Potsdam
Jan-June 2022 mentoring MA Choreography, DOCH Stockholm
all year participation Backbone Berlin


December- Shadows trust & confusion, Tai Kwun Contemporary, website
Nov 14th - (on demand) a Stroll, a Song, a Doubt, an Echo Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
September 24-25th Dwelling and Falling (Sabine Zahn) Alexanderplatz, Berlin
September 6-10th workshop / Dance Gathering Dansehallerne + DDSKS / Nørrebro Park, Copenhagen
August 19-27th coach International choreographic residency, Se.s.ta Prag
July 23rd Noa & Snow (Alix Eynaudi) Tanznacht Berlin
May 22nd guest Stories yet to be told, Danish Dance Histories, Odense
May-December Unison, as a Matter of Fact (trust & confusion) trust & confusion, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong
March 27th Fabricating Experience (lecture) "The Workshop”, conference, ICI Berlin
April 12th talk Common Space, online
March 1st -April 11th residency with Siegmar Zacharias and Antonija Livingstone Lake Studios, Berlin
Feb 11th talk Collective Agenda, Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm) and Council (Paris)
Feb 8-11th guest Collective Practices, Post-Master, Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm)
February 4th talk Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
January 16th lecture Practicing what? Stadterweitern (Sabine Zahn), CLB Berlin


Nov 23rd-Dec 4th workshop: Dance of Companionship exerce, Montpellier
Oct 14th Approximations, October 2020 Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
Aug 19-27th coach International Choreographic Residency, Se.s.ta Prag
June 9-13th Stadterweitern, Lab with Sabine Zahn Haus der Statistik, Berlin
April 17th conversation about artistic research P.A.R.T.S. Studio, Brussels
April-June workshop & colloquium HZT Berlin
Feb 12th Togethering - A Choreographic Endeavour lecture HZT Berlin


November 27-28th workshop Expansion by Choreography, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
October 25th Panel discussion with Halla Ólafsdóttir, Agnès Quackels, Rickard Borgström Post-Dance-Ing conference, MDT, Stockholm
September 28th Knowing without Understanding: a live notebook (together with Jennifer Lacey) The company one keeps, Kunstcentrum Buda, Kortrijk
September 20-21st Dance of Companionship Training für politische Vorstellungskraft: Posthumane Solidaritäten , FFT Düsseldorf
Aug 29th - Sept 1st Ensembling (Premiere) Uferstudios, Berlin
April 4th Four to Two Feet (Ines Lechleitner) Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna
March 27th Dance of Companionship(expanded with Raimundas Malašauskas) Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


September 2018 - ongoing seminar mentor DAS choreography, Amsterdam
December 15th lecture THIRD Annual Forum
December 10-13th workshop with Laurent Pichaud exerce, Montpellier
November 26-30th workshop Arts Stations Foundation, Poznan
November 10th Panel mit Kirsten Maar und Anne Schuh 14. Kongress der Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft, Düsselfdorf
October 13th Approximations Within Practice, Stockholm
October 8-10th workshop Within Practice, Stockholm
September 26th Walk+Talk DOCH Stockholm
September 24-28th workshops DOCH Stockholm (BA Dance, NPP, How Dance Thinks)
September 23rd Togethering, a Group Solo Corporeality Symposium, Essen
August 27th A Piece you Remember to Tell – A Piece you Tell to Remember Tanznacht Berlin
August 20-25th choreographic lab Praxisfestivalen, Oslo
June 30th Dance of Companionship The Other Thing / Lava / Agora, Berlin
June 10th Dance of Companionship School of the End of Time / Russian Biennial for Young Art, Moscow
June 9th Togethering, a Group Solo School of the End of Time / Russian Biennial for Young Art, Moscow
March 7th Talk with Valentina Desideri and Georg Döcker Julius-Liebig University Giessen
March 26-30th Nobody's Business doing Nobody's Dance, hosted with Eleanor Bauer HZT Berlin
January-March guest professor Julius-Liebig University Giessen


April 2017-March 2020 guest professor BA dance, context, Choreography, HZT Berlin
November 17th & 19th Walk+Talk Dock11, Berlin
July 24-28th workshop with Jennifer Lacey ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 14th Color Correspondence Green (Ines Lechleitner) Musikbrauerei / BFAW, Berlin
June 24th Walk+Talk Arts Stations Foundation / Malta Festival, Poznan
May 12th Togethering, a Group Solo (Spanish version) MACBA, Barcelona
April 14th Togethering, a Group Solo Mezzanine, Porto
April 10-14th artistic practice symposium Mezzanine, Porto
February 27th - March 3rd workshop a.pass, Brussels
January 9th - February 17th teaching HZT, Berlin


November 28th Dance of Companionship - Studio 13: Ecologies of Practice Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding
November 12th Sensation & Imagination, a Study Agora Rollerberg, Berlin
November 4th Four to Two – Chapter 2 (Ines Lechleitner) NGBK, Berlin
October 27th Togethering, a Group Solo Works at Work, Copenhagen
September 25th To Meet (extended excerpt) Ausland Berlin
September 24th Togethering, a Group Solo The Politics of Collaboration, Middlesex University, London
August 28 & 29th To Meet (Alice Chauchat invites Louise Trueheart) Tanznacht Berlin
August 10th & 12th Togethering, a Group Solo ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 21st & 23rd Clean room Season 3  Open Spaces, Tanzfabrik Berlin
May 16th - June 3rd workshop HZT, Berlin
April 29th Togethering, a Group Solo BudaKunstencentrum Kortrijk
April 19th Edelweiss (Alix Eynaudi) Xing, Bologna
March 22nd, 24th & 26th Clean room Season 2 Vooruit, Gent
March 3-4th Togethering, a Group Solo Sadler's Wells London, as part of The Palest Light
February 15-19th Nobody's Business doing Nobody's Dance, hosted with Arantxa Martinez Dock11, Berlin
February 1-5th workshop SNDO, Amsterdam
January 4-21st workshop La Manufacture, HETSR Lausanne


December 12th Four to Two Feet (Ines Lechtleitner) Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
December 4-5th Togethering, a Group Solo Weld Stockholm, in companionship with the Weld Company
November 28-29th Togethering, a Group Solo Dock11 Berlin, as part of AfterCare
November 12-14th Edelweiss (Alix Eynaudi) Kaaitheater
October 23-24th Edelweiss (Alix Eynaudi) Tanzquartier
October 8th Edelweiss (Alix Eynaudi) BudaKunstencentrum Kortrijk
September 5th Togethering, a Group Solo performance @ Tanznacht-Forum - Tanzfabrik Berlin
August 10th-14th workshop ImPulsTanz, Vienna
August 3rd-7th workshop with Clemens von Wedemeyer ImPulsTanz, Vienna
July 15th-August 19th Teachback as DanceWEB coach ImPulsTanz, Vienna
June 22 - July 3rd workshop HZT Berlin